A headstone was removed what happens now?

If a burial plot or ashes vault has a headstone then it will have been removed to allow for the funeral to take place. Following the removal, the headstone will be kept in storage.

If you did not select us as your stonemason then you will need to contact your pre-specified stonemason for further help at this stage.

If however, we removed the stone for you, one of the disbursements listed on the funeral invoice will have been ‘removal and re-fixing of headstone.’ This ensures that the cost of placing the headstone back on the grave is covered, and can be done as soon as the ground is ready.

This cost does not of course cover any further inscription or work that you may wish to be done on the stone, and the stone will not be replaced until we have made contact with you to discuss whether you wish to have any additional work done to the stone.

If you wish, a proof showing a suggested inscription will be forwarded to you, together with an estimate showing itemised costs for the suggested inscription together with any optional, recommended renovation work such as re-guilding, repainting, cleaning or repair. You are of course free to choose any inscription for the headstone and so you will have the opportunity to make any changes or additions to the suggested inscription and to choose any renovation work.

You will need to confirm the order, agree a final proof and sign the cemetery permit application before any work can be undertaken. Payment is also required for the additional work before the memorial is replaced.

If you do not wish to have an inscription added, the stone will be re-fixed as soon as the ground is ready, and weather permitting.

If we do not hear from you, all memorials where no order has been received, will be re-fixed after 9 months.

Please note that should you not wish to have the memorial refixed following the funeral, perhaps because it is in poor condition, or you would prefer to select a new stone, please let us know and we will not invoice for the re-fixing on the funeral invoice. However please note that in these circumstances, the memorial will be destroyed, unless other arrangements are made.