The person has passed away at home

If somebody passes away at home:

Your frst action should be to telephone the deceased’s doctor who is required to confirm the death- a list of local G.P. contact details (including out of hours) can be found here (this link will open up in a new page)

The doctor will then issue the “medical cause of death certificate” providing he / she is satisfied with the cause of death.

Please be aware: You may be asked to collect the certificate from the surgery at a later time.

When the doctor has attended should you should contact us at this time, for advice, information, to begin making arrangements or to arrange for your loved one to be taken to the chapel of rest when you are ready.

Please be aware: Until the doctor has attended, UK Law prevents us from being able to bring the deceased to our chapel of rest. We are more than happy to offer advice and information in the mean time.