Grave Flowers

Grave flowers:
We offer a selection of grave pots and vases for purchase.
In addition we offer to fill these pots on a one-off or regular service.
Many customers have two pots for the grave, one on the grave and one which they bring to us to refill on a weekly/fortnightly or ad-hoc basis. Particularly popular at Christmas, Easter, mothers day, valentines day, birthdays and anniversaries, the pots are filled with oasis and then fresh flowers and foliage. The oasis helps to keep the flowers fresh and in place, keeping the arrangement looking neater for longer.
At Christmas we offer pot filled with spruce, holly and cones as an alternative to flowers, like a Christmas wreath in a pot. They do not blow away like the wreaths, and due to the water they are in, can last longer.
If you are unable to visit your family grave, we do offer, in conjunction with our grave maintenance service (link) to place flowers on the grave on a regular or one-off basis. If you would like flowers delivered to a grave without any maintenance, please contact us for costs, which will depend on the location.