Simple Funeral Package

In these days of of rising bills and debts we understand how difficult it can be to pay for an unexpected funeral. We also know that not everyone can afford to commission an extravagant funeral.

However we know that just as many people are of the opinion that they don’t want loved ones “wasting money” on what they would consider an over the top funeral for them and so we have developed a package called the Simple Funeral Package, which is exactly as described, it cuts out any fancifulness and keeps costs down to a minimum while also being.

The package is a direct to crematorium funeral that includes the following:

  • Our professional fees, for arranging and conducting the funeral
  • Conveyance of the deceased*
  • Care of your loved one until the funeral
  • A simple coffin
  • Provision of fleet hearse direct to Llanelli Crematorium
  • Llanelli Crematorium timeslot, Mon-Fri
  • Statutory doctors’ certificates for cremation
  • Minister



The Simple funeral DOES NOT provide for:

  • Viewing of the deceased
  • Service at home or any other place
  • Limousines
  • Any other services not listed above

Please Note:

  • The simple funeral is arranged at a day and time set by the funeral director (Within reason)
  • Full (Cleared) payment is to be made upon the arrangements being finalised, and at least 72 hours prior to the funeral taking place.

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