Grief Support

Our service does not end with the funeral.
SAIFCare is a service we provide which allows each member of the family to access professional bereavement support and advice. The telephone number is 0800 917 7224, it is staffed 9am-9pm Mon-Fri or you may email help@saifcare.co.uk. This additional support is free of charge and confidential; unless you choose to let us know that you have used the service, we will not be aware.

Each of our clients also receives a copy of ‘Now What?’ a booklet written by Dr Bill Webster who has written many resources on the issues surrounding bereavement. Gemma has met Dr Bill on several occasions and attended his seminars and has found him to be a man with many helpful insights.

Call SAIF Care - between 9AM and 9PM, Monday - Friday

0800 917 7224

Or email SAIF Support (9AM - 9PM Monday - Friday)
E-mail us to receive your copy of Dr. Websters book 'Now What'

gemma@geodriscoll.co.uk – please note only one copy can be provided, and you must be a client to receive it.

The above email and phone number is for over 16's only however we have lots of literature and books specifically written for under 16's by professional counsellors

gemma@geodriscoll.co.uk – to receive the above literature aimed at under 16’s needing support

We are in the process of setting up another online chat service called ‘Grief Chat’ that clients of ours will be able to access via this website. 

To access this service please email us via gemma@geodriscoll.co.uk for your link to be able to talk with someone.