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Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are a way of looking to the future. Some, having gone through a bereavement themselves, want to relieve some of the stress of making funeral arrangements for their own family by making a funeral plan. 

Taking out a funeral plan also reduces the financial burden of a bereavement. In recent years, funeral expenses have increased rapidly, well in excess of inflation, as disbursements, which are the costs that funeral directors pay on your behalf, to the cemetery and crematorium for example, continue to rise.

We offer prepaid funeral plans by one of the most open and transparent funeral plan providers who deal solely with Independent Funeral Directors. The funeral plan can either be paid in entirety when the arrangements are made, or spread over any number of years to suit your requirements and budget. We can provide information and quotations on each payment method to enable you to make the decision of which would be the best option for you.


Our aim is to enable you to say goodbye in the most meaningful and personal way. To enable this we provide the following packages:

Everything You Need In One

Most families wish for us to take care of all the arrangements for the funeral, care for the deceased and provide all the services requested however we are more than happy to provide assistance to any family who wish to undertake part or most of the funeral arrangements or care themselves. Indeed we recognise that this can often be very healing for those involved.

We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Advice and NO obligation estimates freely given

A comprehensive Funeral Plan range at prices tailored and affordable to you

A complete choice of coffins

Traditional and alternative transportation options

Religious services, humanist services and civil celebrant led services.

Wide range of supplementary products from memorial masonry to benches and memorial jewellery available.