Direct Cremation

We are pleased to offer this Direct Cremation Package. Whilst this option is not for everyone, we recognise that there are increasing numbers of people who wish to have ‘No Funeral’. In some circumstances the family wish to hold a memorial later or do something special when they scatter or inter the ashes. If this is the service you would prefer, we are able to offer a reduced charge to reflect the reduced hours required.

The Cremation will usually take place at Llanelli Crematorium at the earliest opportunity once payment has been made and all paperwork has been completed and received.

The Direct Cremation service includes the following:

This service DOES NOT provide for Any other services not listed.
You should also also Note the following conditions also not available with this package:

A funeral service at the crematorium or any other place

Spending time with the deceased (often called Viewing)

Any control over the day or time of the cremation

Any attendance at the crematorium

Our professional fees, for arranging & attending the cremation

Conveyance of the deceased from hospital, and to the crematorium, in a suitable vehicle.

This will usually be an estate or galaxy-type vehicle

Care of the deceased until the funeral

A simple coffin

Llanelli crematorium's direct cremation fee

Statutory Doctors fees

Online memorial condolence website with donation collection if required

Access to bereavement support service

The cremated remains placed in a scatter box or can be scattered at the crematorium

Call us on 01554 777880 or send us a message for more information on the Direct Cremation Package

The price of this package is £1995*

* Please note: Where the person is not in hospital an additional fee of £195 is payable. This is to cover not only their immediate collection but also the additional administration involved in arranging for the doctors to complete the required paperwork

In order to keep the costs of this service low we require payment in full upon confirmation of the funeral arrangements. Cleared funds must be received a minimum of 72 hours prior to the cremation taking place.

You can pre-pay for this funeral by taking out a pre-paid funeral plan – Please call us for more information 01554 777880